Not Exactly a MOBA

Paladins, the next big game from the studio that brought you the popular MOBA Smite, may not be exactly what you expect.  At first glance it may appear to be a MOBA, it has several different heroes each with unique abilities that face off in online 5v5 matches, but that is where the similarities end.

Where Smite decided to place the camera behind the character’s shoulder and have auto attacks require aim, Paladins took everything a step further.  Paladins is the hybrid between a MOBA and a FPS.  More akin to Overwatch than League of Legends, in Paladins you aim every shot you take (up, down, left, and right, unlike Smite where aiming was only side to side).  This game is a full fledged FPS with character weapons ranging from  mini-guns, to ice staffs, to flame-spewing mechanical lances.  Beyond character specific weapons, each character has 3 unique abilities; two of which are combat related, and one movement based ability.  For instance Cassie the Huntress with her bow and arrow has abilities including an explosive shot,  sending her bird out to scout for enemies, and a dodge roll; while Grohk the blue Orc Shaman can deploy a healing totem, activate chain lightening, and travel with his ghost walk ability.

Meet the Characters of Paladins

Paladins is currently in an early access beta set to last until it’s official launch at an unknown time, likely in 2016.  Currently there are 2 maps and 8 playable characters ranging from an alchemist fox, to a dwarven engineer.  The primary game mode in Paladins consists of teams vying for ownership of points on the map long enough to spawn siege engines, which they then escort to the opposing teams base in order to destroy it.  It is a unique twist on gameplay not seen in similar games in the genre.

The most unique feature of the game however, has to be the deck building system.  Each character has 25-32 cards that are unlocked over time as you play the game.  These cards each have stats and bonuses that apply to either one of the character’s abilities, armor, or movement.  As the cards are unlocked a deck can be built to bring in to each match.  Each time you gain enough XP through playing the objective or damaging enemies to level up, three cards are drawn from the deck and the player chooses one to receive its bonus.  The card collecting feature is a very intriguing progression mechanic, and it will be interesting to see how it grows with time.  There are currently 270 cards in the game, and the cards have rarities ranging from common to legendary.

There is certainly going to be more added to the game before it officially launches, but in its current state it is a fun game that brings in some cool new ideas.  Here at GNG we have enjoyed playing it, and in fact we have two codes that we can give away.  If you are interested in trying out Paladins the first two people that leave comments and include their emails will be sent codes that will give them early access to the game.  Enjoy!

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