Netflix has admitted to putting their hand in the metaphorical cookie jar, at least in terms of one of the most sacred things we viewers hold dear: internet speeds. According to the company, they have admitted to throttling internet speeds via Verizon and AT&T.

This news comes a little over a week after the company was accused of such. The company stepped up to take the blame, citing an odd choice in doing so. Apparently, this coming entirely from the horse’s mouth, the company chose to do this because, “it was protecting customers from exceeding mobile data caps.” Oh!?

While this move by Netflix sounds like a benefit to its users, they seems to forget one small bit: AT&T Customers, or at least majority of them, use unlimited data speeds. So, the statement by the company is completely false. The company must be either completely oblivious to the fact, or again, caught lying.

AT&T wasn’t too happy about the company’s move, stating, “We’re outraged to learn that Netflix is apparently throttling video for their AT&T customers without their knowledge or consent,” Jim Cicconi, head of legislative affairs for AT&T, said.

Good job, Netflix. Good job.

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