Our main platforms will be mobiles. Gaming has spread to a number of platforms, but at the end of the day, the platform that is always closest to us, is mobile. Mobile is where the future of gaming lies.

With multiplatform games, there’s really no point in dividing the market into categories anymore. Mobiles will take on the new role of linking the general public to the gaming world.

The quote above comes from Konami President Hideki Hayakawa who back in May of this year gave the public a hint into what the future their company will be looking like. Many were afraid that this news meant that they would be moving away from making big triple-A console games. However, with both Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 still being in development at the time, Konami still had triple-A games on their release calendar.

Forward to right now and Konami is looking like it will be following through with what fans predicted back in May. With the release of both aforementioned games, Konami’s triple-A calendar is looking empty and it does not seem that they have intentions on filling that calendar any time soon.

Rika Muranaka has been one of the key video game soundtrack composers over at Konami and has mainly worked on their triple-A titles. Her most recent (and probably last) video game was the very popular Kojima game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Her tweet kind of solidifies the very vague facts surrounding this decision.

At the moment, Konami is working on Metal Gear Online (the multi-player addition to MGSV) which is slated for a release date of October 6, 2015.  Along with Metal Gear Online, they are also rumored to be working on a new entry into the Metal Gear franchise given that they let out a casting call back in March.

No one really knows if Konami is still planning on pursuing that game, or if it will be made for mobile, or if they have a secret triple-A game under their sleeves. It seems that ever since word got out that Kojima and Konami were going to part ways, all the news surrounding Konami and its future games have remained pretty vague.

They did say that they will be making games for all gaming platforms (consoles included), but with the stipulation that consoles will not be their focus nor will it be the housing for any triple-A Konami games.

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