No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky has been delayed so many times, that at this point I think Sean Murray and Hello Games should embrace it and just rename the title to No Man’s Sky: Delayed.

Okay, now that I got that terrible joke out of the way, let me lay down the printing press and get to informing you all.

As the intro alluded, No Man’s Sky has had a long track record of delays. Normally, when something like this occurs gamers yell, “SON OF A B-,” in their heads and then go on with their day.

Well, after kind of being promised by the devs themselves that No Man’s Sky will no longer face another delay…we have just learned that it has been delayed. again; from its ‘final’ official release window of June to new release window of August 2016.

Although that in and of itself is news worthy enough, it’s the reaction of the video gaming community that really made me want to write about this.

Sean Murray, Managing Director of Hello Games (a studio whose website bares an odd resemblance to my local children’s daycare center), seems to be no stranger to aggressive behavior being that he has taken the apparent death threats he’s received as a good chance to…reference Home Alone?

If you are one of the many people sending this delicate man death threats, first of all: chill the hell out. Hello Games is a small company and No Man’s Sky looks absolutely ginormous. I’m almost certain even EA and Bethesda would have issues developing this.

Hopefully, this newest delay will actually be last one to surface, but if it isn’t….f*** it. It’s not like we as a gaming community can march down to Hello Games Headquarters and forcefully pry the game out of their computers, burn them onto millions of discs, distribute them across the US and UK, and price them at a reasonable amount.

Can we?


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