The Nintendo NX is a great mystery to the gaming world. All we know is that it is a console that can apparently compete with the likes of Sony and Microsoft, also, the system combines both handheld and console gaming in one. Unfortunately, this is also all that the game developers know. Therefore, how do Nintendo expect any games for the console at launch when developers know absolutely nothing about the hardware that they are supposed to be making video games for?

The rumoured controller

Thomas Mahler, CEO of developer Moon Studios, cements this theory as he took to gaming forum NeoGAF to comment on the Nintendo NX of which is shrouded in mystery. Mahler wrote, “This is actually THE singlest most annoying thing for every dev out there. We also talked to Nintendo and got absolutely nothing”. This demonstrates that developers are clearly wanting to create games for the mysterious console but are getting no information whatsoever. It is understandable that Nintendo wish to keep their console under wraps, however, it is looking slightly worrying for the success of the NX if no games are ready for the launch of the system.

It is understood that Nintendo wish to release the NX towards the end of 2016, this gives developers very little time to produce any games for the console, Mahler continues, “I can already guarantee that they’ll just not have any software support, since nobody can just jumble games together in less than a year.”

A rather ominous statement by Thomas Mahler makes the future success of the Nintendo NX seem slightly more uncertain. I personally feel that the Nintendo NX feels a little rushed, we know absolutely nothing about the console and yet it is apparently being released this year, it all seems very quick. If developers know nothing about the hardware then games will also be rushed and will not play well on the console at all. This suggests that the Nintendo NX could be subject to a push back to being released in 2017.

Perhaps it would be beneficial for the Nintendo NX to be released later rather than this year so that the system is not directly competing with PlayStation’s Virtual Reality which is being released in 2016.

The PlayStation Vita is a perfect example of what happens to a system that does not have the software support and if Nintendo do not enlighten developers on the hardware of the NX soon then I do fear for the success of the console.

I am sure that Nintendo will really impress with the NX and I hope to see a return of Metroid to the console to bring back the older Nintendo fans. I am sure the Nintendo NX will deliver this and more, however, only time will tell.

Who knows?

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