Wow! – The leaked photo

Nintendo is buzzing with rumours recently, such as Zelda Wii U coming to the NX and Pokémon Sun and Moon being leaked before their official announce. Therefore, it is hard to decipher fact from fiction in the Nintendo world and this could quite well be a fake doctored photo. However, it does look very similar to the original patent drawing for the NX controller.

The leaked photo of the rumoured Nintendo NX controller looks like a device from the future and it does appear to be typical of Nintendo as it is nothing like we have seen before. The photo in question appears to suggest that it is indeed entirely operated via touchscreen and thumbsticks with no visible buttons in sight. Having said this, the thumbsticks do look a little like they have been stuck onto the screen and so the photo should in no way be taken as confirmation of what the Nintendo NX will be like. The size of the controller also looks strangely small and I can not quite imagine how comfortable it would be to hold after a hardcore 10 hour button mashing session on Animal Crossing. Seriously.


Anyway, in all honesty, the controller does look very shiny and futuristic, suggesting an entirely new home console gaming experience. It is certainly an intriguing design and, if the photo proves to be legitimate, then Nintendo are definitely straying from the path that Sony and Microsoft have paved and are venturing into the vast unknown. Let us hope that they make it out to the other side.

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