Aaaand it was all a fake, unsurprisingly so. We reported on the leak earlier this week, which can be seen here, and speculated on its validity. We were also a little concerned if it truly was the real deal and I can almost hear the collective sigh of relief echoing within the Nintendo fan community.

Redditor Idriss2Dev posted the leak and the user’s YouTube channel, ID 2Dev revealed a video confessing the fake and showing how it was done. The video is full of jokes and I think we all forgive the leaker and feel a little stupid that we even speculated whether it was real or not. See the video below:

However, the video does not explain the second set of ‘leaked’ controller images, shown below.



We can only assume that these have also been photoshopped but they certainly look very realistic in comparison to the original leak.

The original leak

I am sure that they are also fake and so there is hopefully no need to worry. Please do not get rid of all the buttons Nintendo! Please.

It appears that the Nintendo NX remains a mystery to us all, I am starting to wonder whether it is a figment of our imagination and if we will ever see what it truly looks like…


Until then, well done Idriss2Dev, you got us, well played.

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