Dear Nintendo,

I am not sure where to begin, we met over a decade ago and you swept me up into your arms, taking me on a whirlwind adventure that I will never forget and never want to end. Thank you for getting me into gaming all those years ago and for sticking by me through the thick and thin. You are quite something.

Your friends became our friends. We saved Hyrule multiple times with Link and bonded with Mario whilst feeling sympathetic for his underappreciated brother, Luigi. You told us that ‘you gotta catch ‘em all’ and we really gave it our best shot.


Nintendo, you have kept many of our childhoods alive even though we have unfortunately all, at some point in our lives, had to accept adult responsibilities like actually working to earn money and purchasing grown-up food like vegetables. However, you still make it possible for us all to reconnect with our carefree childhood days by remaking classics such as Ocarina of Time, one of the highest rated games in existence and for a good reason. This remake answered many of our prayers and also slapped us in the face with nostalgia, we loved it.


Your latest handheld console, the Nintendo 3DS, has very recently turned five years old and I believe that it is really very underappreciated. It was (and still is) the only device that is actually 3D without the ridiculous oversized glasses that just make everything blurry, even the screen.  I know that you have to focus the screen just right to get the desired effect but I think that we all remember the time that we turned the 3D on for the first time and truly saw how revolutionary it was. You did good Nintendo. Your first tentative steps into Augmented Reality also let me traumatise my cat for hours to take photos like the following. Thank you.


The three most iconic (debatable, I know) gaming franchises have been created by you, Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and Pokemon have shaped many of our gaming adventures and I would like to thank you for providing us all with such high quality gaming with journeys and characters that will never be forgotten.

You may have pushed me away with games such as Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (seriously?) and your plunge into mobile gaming (please do not neglect the 3DS!), but you have always won me back with incredibly exciting things such as Zelda Wii U (how’s that coming along by the way?)

Many argue that Nintendo is mainly for casual gamers and I can understand that these people are not entirely crazy as Nintendo does offer a much more laid-back style of gaming. However, just because there is no amazing shooters does not mean that Nintendo does not offer an entirely unique gaming experience that no other consoles can match. I am in no way against other gaming systems but I can say that I have never quite felt as much of a connection as I have with Nintendo, you just do it for me.

I will continue to get abnormally excited about new Nintendo releases and the little childhood spark that loves mystery and adventure will always remain lit thanks to you.

Love from,

Your Biggest Fan xx

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