Sword Art Online: Lost Song

Developer(s): Bandai Namco Games

Genre: Action-RPG


Sword Art Online: Lost Song is the new SAO game being released on November 17, 2015 for the PS4 console and will be around $60 (as usual). The game, as you all may know, is based on the beloved Anime and Manga Sword Art Online which is about a glitch that occurs within a game that trapped its players into the game, and if a person dies within the game, they die in real life. The Anime is actually a gamer’s dream that gets twisted into a nightmare, perhaps this is why I couldn’t stop watching it.

The game is based primarily on the Anime/Manga just like the Dragon Ball Z and Naruto games, therefore its main targets are SAO fans, but that shouldn’t discourage others from buying the game. The games fighting method works similarly to Kingdom Hearts. The game will not have auto-attack features enabled though, so a player can attack more freely in this new game.

The game takes place in the flying city of Svart Alfheim located near the world tree. There a player can go on quests, events, and fight bosses as well as other creatures. The graphics are top of the line and now the game offers aerial battles. This flying feature is what is separating this game from other SAO games. One will still be able to wander on foot and there will be several non-flight zones. Flying will cut game play in half which will allow players to reach higher levels faster; the game should only take from 20-30 hours of game play to complete.

Players will also be allowed to play as characters other then Kirito, there are 19 characters to pick from but only 17 without the DLC. Characters include: Asuna, Yui, Leafa, and others which I will not share in order not to spoil the game. One will also have the option of customizing a personal avatar, but the choices are limited. There are only two options for hair color, skin color, and voice.

Bad News for loyal SAO players: there will be no importing of any skills or data into this new game since many features and settings have changed.

The game seems to be a continuation of SAO’S Hollow Fragment so it would be a good idea for new players to glance at that game before playing Lost Song. The game is also going to include multiplayer which will allow parties of 3 co-players as well as multiplayer missions. Versus multiplayer mode will be offered with a DLC.

As a huge fan of the series I recommend this game, but I am aware the gameplay won’t be as long as players (including myself) would have hoped for. The fighting isn’t extremely amazing but it’s still a very entertaining game for fans and new-players. I honestly can’t wait to spam my attacks against bad-ass bosses!!! SAO!!

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