Suicide Squad

DC’s newly rebooted comic book movie universe started off on the wrong foot. And hand. And other foot. Then it stumbled on its way up. Then sadly fell aga-okay Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t do so well as a launching platform is what I am trying to say.

DC and WB’s most anticipated film of 2016 kind of fell flat on its black cowlled  face, with many movie critiques and movie fans alike panning the film for being far too dark, gritty,directionless, and convoluted for its own good. Which is a very disappointing thing to hear considering it was the first time movie goers were treated to seeing two of DC’s most iconic heroes, Batman and Superman, beat the crap out of each other in live action for the first time on the silver screen.

Maybe what we really need to see is Conway v Snyder: Dawn of Admission.

But, I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk very briefly on the next DC film that is leaving fans with a bit more hope in their unjustly broken hearts; Suicide Squad!

The David Ayer directed, villian-filled, chaos-friendly DC film has gotten a new trailer, and this time it looks to embrace the slaphappy nature of the comics. When word started spreading against BvS, WB called upon the Suicide Squad team and asked for them to reshoot some scenes in order to add more funny moments. Obviously, this did not sound like good news to us non-production savvy viewers. Reshoots of a film this close to its release date sound a little sketchy and can leave many anticipated viewers a bit worrisome. 

However, in this film’s case, it might end up being the complete opposite. I highly doubt that all of the planned reshoots have been completed, but this new, much more comedic take on the Suicide Squad trailer gives us a better hint in regards to what we should expect from the film.

The trailer starts off with another exposition scene, just in case you forgot what the synopsis for the film was. After that, we get Skeletor’s laugh accompanying the WB logo. Many of the scenes that follow are bits and pieces of things we haven’t seen before, so I assume it is from the reshoooting.

I’d go on to explain more, but that would be redundant since the trailer is going to be under this paragraph. Also, it’s more than likely that you have stopped reading the article and instead skipped all the way to the bottom to see the trailer; it’s okay, I do it too sometimes.

Sidenote: The new ‘Blitz Trailer’ gives DC and Margot Robbie lovers a very quick look at Harley Quinn’s bra. I’m sure that’ll end up as a screenshot or GIF on the internet in no time.


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