Oh Wi-Fi, isn’t it great? No more dial up using the telephone line and being disconnected from the internet when someone answers the phone. No more constantly paying for more data on your smartphone because you have no other way of snap-chatting or tweeting and all of that vitally important stuff we cannot live without.

Having said this, Wi-Fi does tend to randomly disconnect in certain rooms around the house and decide it does not want to work when you need it the most.

In swoops Luma’s new Wi-Fi router! Luma’s routers come in packs of three and so can be placed in different rooms within the house, all three routers functioning as one single network, allowing for strong Wi-Fi connection when frying an egg, when watching Jeremy Kyle, when sat on the toilet, when brushing your teeth, I could go on. Basically the Luma router is the Holy Grail of all routers.

It seems so straightforward and perfect. Then it gets a little…weird. Luma has a companion app, simple enough, an easy way to control all three routers in one place, fair enough. However, this app allows the user to see the exact websites people in the house are using and on what device. This is clearly meant so parents can catch their children doing things they should not be doing on-line, however I believe this is a step too far. Having a Wi-Fi router to pretty much spy on your children will only make your children trust you less and will also probably freak them out a little, I mean, it is a little crazy.

However, this feature could also be used if you do not have children, so if sharing a house with people there will be little privacy when it comes to what you look at on-line.

Luma’s idea of having three routers and one network connection is very clever and I can see working well. On the contrary the whole spy aspect is a little bit too far, parents should just use parental controls, and not look at what their children are doing through a creepy app.

I guess it does not matter if you do not look at anything weird on-line (quickly deletes Power Rangers fan-fiction) which I clearly do not.

Yes, I am watching you.


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