Unholy Knight

So here’s an odd one. While today’s biggest developers are working on bringing gamers more triple A titles for the current gen consoles, another group of developers are hard a work creating a brand new fighting game…for a system that is 4 generations back.

Spotted by a NeoGAF user at the Hong Kong Retro Game Expo 2016, Unholy Night is aiming to introduce gamers to a brand new world of people and creatures to battle with.

Unholy Night is being developed by ex-SNK developers, and is set to be released early next year for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

Details about the game are available, but difficult to understand as the game’s site is written in Chinese. However, thanks to the power of Google Chrome Extensions I have made the translated text available below.

Prepare to be reread multiple times:

Game summary:
◆ This work is based on vampires and werewolves, and injure a human monster; “dark family” (Darkness Clan), and hunting them, “Hunter” (Hunter) world-class scale battle themed 2D fighting game .

Game features:
■ dark view of the world
to darkness and stylish outlook, this work is the traditional fighting game players a whole new feel. Moreover, the home fighting game in the extreme extreme image, shocked the new player layer. World view will be through the transitions and the story performance, make the game more lively.

■ many unique moves
each character has a total of eight kinds of nirvana (Special Attack), ultra-nirvana (Super Special Attack), moves well prepared for the players to make more fun of the war.

■ Return fighting game source
Devil hunting people is by the old Japanese SNK / have been involved in Art of Fighting, Samurai team, the situation, Yuet Wah swordsmen, and The King of Fighters composed of members of the development of the production to any who can understand the Simple and easy to play, but has a profound strategy game of the original 2D fighting game. Players play full of personality roles, enjoy playing a variety of exciting fun of the continuation. Transitions and performances to challenge the limits of hardware performance at the same time, to return to the origin as the goal.

What is the “sync counter”
need sync counter when using “super-nirvana]” and “cancel defense” Yes.
Using “Super Nirvana” and “Defense Cancel”, will consume a synchronization meter.
The synchronization meter can be accumulated in the following ways.
★ defense opponent’s attack
★ opponents suffer damage
★ cause harm to the opponent
★ defensive opponent attacks
★ manually synchronize meter gas storage
※ on different roles, increased tendency synchronization counter will be different.
• reduced strength in the latter half, there will be increasing the amount of reward
• fighting began, increasing the amount of the reward will be a short time and so on.

The team has also made the game’s roster available for viewing.


Unholy Knights


Unholy Knight


Unholy Knight


Unholy Knight


Unholy Knight


Unholy Knight

Whether this is the entire roster, or just a sample of them will depend on how much they are able to pack into the 32MB cartridge. My guess, probably about 32MB worth of stuff.

Much more info about Unholy Night can be found on its website, but, as I said, it is written in Chinese so accurate details might get lost in translation.


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