District 9 director, Neill Blomkamp, gave Alien fans everywhere something to foam at the mouth over when he released some concept art for what he envisioned to be the next installment to the Alien franchise. Thanks to some fan persuasion, Blomkamp’s success with District 9, and…money…Blomkamp’s untitled Alien sequel was green lit and eager fans had nothing left to do except wait.

As time has gone on since the announcement of Blomkamp’s Alien sequel, there has been some tension between Blomkamp and original Alien and Prometheus creator, Ridley Scott. Mainly over which of the two will helm the project once it gets into the beginning stages of production.

Some declare blasphemy at the thought of Alien continuing without its creator, Ridley Scott, while others much rather prefer the idea of having one of today’s best sci-fi directors take the reins from Scott.

Both the studios and the directors have plenty of time to fight over the matter considering Alien 5 (the current, unofficial title) has been pushed back from its initial release date of 2017 to some time in 2018, due to Scott wanting to focus attention and resources on the much closer Prometheus Sequel, Alien Covenant.

As for now, fans will have to feed their Xenomorph hungry hearts with any little bit of info, rumors, and leaks that trickle their way down.

Although this is far from a confirmation, Blomkamp’s recent Instagram post depicting an older Newt  teases the return of an old character. Well…old as in from the time the movie was made; she was pretty young back then.

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Before you go and dismiss the idea, remember that Blomkamp’s Alien sequel will take place after the events of Aliens, erasing both Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection  from the timeline. So this means that Newt’s *spoiler warning…I guess* death in Alien 3 never happened. 

Carrie Henn, the actress who played Newt in Aliensis still showing some love for the franchise even after all these years by jumping onto the Twitter hashtag #AlienDay426 and declaring her fondness for the films.

I’m sure an Alien fan such as herself wouldn’t mind reprising her role of Newt in this very anticipated Alien sequel. Even if, lord forbid, she isn’t able to do so, I’m sure Hollywood has a list as long as the distance from earth to Proteus filled with actresses both willing and capable of taking over the role for Carrie Henn.

Who would you like to see play Newt in Neill Blomkamp’s Alien? Do you even want to see Newt return? Are you also fearing the inevitable Trump presidency?

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