The first bit of news we have in regards to superhero shows, isn’t that surprising. ABC’s Agent Carter has been floating by the skin of its teeth. The show, while critically acclaimed, and loved by those who watch it, doesn’t produce a big enough audience. In its first season, the show narrowly avoided cancellation. Unfortunately, that won’t happen this time as ABC cancels the show.

It should be noted, for those who are a fan of the show’s protagonist, Agent Carter (played by Hayley Atwell) can find her on ABC’s new procedural Conviction.

However, good news came out of the superhero show realm. Supergirl, which was cancelled by CBS, has been moved to The CW. It will join Brother shows, Arrow and The Flash (Should be noted that Marc Guggenheim has hand a hand in creating all three). Unfortunately, not all the news about the show is ‘good’. Supergirl will go under significant budget cuts and a reduced cast sheet to meet The CW’s demands. That being said, I’m sure most are just happy to have the show back.

Of course earlier in the year we saw Grant Gustin’s The Flash crossover into Supergirl. We should expect to see more of that in the future.

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