Captain Marvel

There is already a slew of female actress’ names floating around when it comes to who will play Carol Danvers in the first female-lead Marvel superhero movie, Captain Marvel. Everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Ronda Rousey has been either contacted, added to a list of potentials, or rumored to take the leading role.

The latest entry to this list of potentials comes from the far off land of Highgarden, Natalie Dormer.

Highgarden is from Game of Thrones, it’s not the actual birthplace of Dormer (she’s from the UK)

Captain Marvel is set to hit theaters in March of 2019 (hellofa long ways away), but in typical Marvel fashion, every piece of the machine needs to be tightly fitted before the wheels start turning.

The film’s script will be written by Meg LeFauve (Inside Out The Good Dinosaur) and Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy  Thor).

With a writing duo that strong, there should be no doubt that whatever they deliver will be as strong as everything else Marvel has put out. Which is a really good thing since a great script is what will either make or break the project for Natalie Dormer who had this to say:

I’m not going to comment about potential jobs in the future because that’s a rabbit hole to go down and get caught up in, but all I’ll say is I’ll go where the good scripts are. For me, ‘Catching Fire,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ all my other work, I’ll just go where the good scripts are. I love being part of huge mega blockbusters and I love being a part of small independent films and small stage. I’m just looking at the material. I want to know the character and I want to know the text, and then the decision I make from there.

Natalie Dormer certainly has both the looks and the talent needed to portray Carol Danvers, but everyone has their favorite; who is your personal pick for playing Captain Marvel?

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