The Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has a new receptionist, she does not look quite right and will be likely to scare away any new visitors.

Scientists at the university have created a highly intelligent and realistic robot called Nadine. She greets visitors with a handshake served with a hefty dose of eye contact. Nadine can even recognise guests she has met before and can relate back to previous conversations they have had together….creepy right?

It gets weirder, her mood can even change from happy or sad, depending on the topic of conversation, if you were to insult her she would even get angry with you. Now that is eerie, why would a robot receptionist need the ability to express anger?

                      Nadine with Prof Nadia Thalmann…uncanny right?

Nadine is undoubtedly pretty creepy, her eyes look devoid of life or remorse. I bet she ‘deposes’ of anyone that makes the mistake of insulting her…

For the better or worse (who knows) humanoids like Nadine are said to apparently be the future. Many scientists claim similar models to Nadine will work with us and even provide company for the elderly. I can imagine these humanoids would be useful in the future, taking over the more monotonous human jobs, as long as they do not decide to rise up and kill us all. A likely concept.

Although humanoids are pretty ‘cool’ I do not think that they have much of a place in society and certainly should not take up jobs that real humans are willing to do. Maybe scientists’ time is better spent elsewhere, although, Nadine does represent big technological advances in the world of robot humanoids.

Below is a video of Nadine in action.

My main question is, why does she have a Scottish accent?

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