Mr. Nibbles

Can you help Mr. Nibbles fulfill his destiny of flying to the moon? In this endless scroller, you must escort Mr. Nibbles to his rocket so he can fly into space. Avoiding his nemesis, the spiders, who spin Mr. Nibbles into webs. Sending him to his shoe box grave. Help Mr. Nibbles roll his way through challenges, collect nibbles, and fly off to space!

Corn kernels scatter the  levels, which Mr. Nibbles collects to unlock upgrades. Kernels appear on platforms, up high, or between spiders. A hamster wheel that Mr. Nibbles spins, gives you upgrades. These upgrades can include extra lives, nibble magnets, or outfits.

Mr. Nibbles runs on the wheel, spinning it, then slows down and lands on the upgrade you won. A much less exciting roulette wheel. The fourteen outfits make up the challenges that you need to meet. Each spin of the hamster wheel costs one-hundred kernels and carry over through plays. Meaning that you can save up your kernels to spin the wheel several times at once.

There is a large variety in challenges and levels. They can push Mr. Nibbles to reach a certain distance, collect fruit pieces, or reach his rocket.

Getting Mr. Nibbles to his rocket is the most important challenge. Levels are in Mr. Nibbles’ cage or even in space. The art of the level can change with the addition of an outfit. Completing a challenge is the only sure way to get one of the fourteen outfits.

Luckily, you can repeat challenges until Mr. Nibbles succeeds! With the extra life upgrade, Mr. Nibbles will be able to punch through his shoe box to fight another day. Leader Boards show global ranks of performance. So, if you want to show the other hamsters who’s boss, go for it!

Mr. Nibbles

The fourteen outfits Mr. Nibbles can win have their own unique game play.

The Fire Starter leaves a trail of flames behind Mr. Nibbles as he wears a dinosaur costume. While the Spectral outfit alters the background, making it monochrome. The distinctive traits of each outfit give players incentive to complete all fourteen challenges.

A distinctive feature that sets Mr. Nibbles apart from like games is movement. Mr. Nibbles can only push forward, but he can slow down.

Without being able to attack his enemies, being able to slow down can save him from webs or drops of death. You would think this would make Mr. Nibbles an all-around easy game to beat, but you would be wrong!

The lack of controls and attacks results in the “Game Over” screen coming up a bit. This is due to the spiders that litter the level.

Although the background can change when Mr. Nibbles outfit changes, there is little variance. Your enemies will always be spiders you cannot attack. The music will stay a similar tune despite level changes. The randomized levels show up many times throughout playing, making it repetitive. Unique outfit features are not enough to excite people to stick with Mr. Nibbles for long.

Mr. Nibbles

Due to the lack of rules and difficulty, Mr. Nibbles Forever is right for any level of player. Yet, the experienced player may find themselves bored after a few challenges. Mr. Nibbles can only move forward, roll, and (as mentioned) slow down. This leads to less confusion among novice players and helps keep groups of players involved and wanting to continue.

Bright and colorful visuals will entice the young player. The art style is pleasing to the eye and (usually) not distracting. Global leader boards are in constant view and may entice the more advanced (and competitive) players to stay.

Certain outfits may cause players to lose focus and cause glitches. The Nyan outfit brings bright colors and flashing lights to the level. While the Squire outfit puts a film grain over the level.

As well, once you have completed all fourteen challenges you have won the game. For now, there are no more incentives once you collect all fourteen outfits. You will see the same layouts before you win the fourteen challenges. This can make game play repetitive. There is no more reason to continue playing. Unless you want to keep your high score on the leader board.

As an app to PC game, it shows. The art style is striking and eye-catching, music is catchy, and the premise is simple. Mr. Nibbles Forever is a great game to play on your down time, but don’t expect it to become a staple in your game rotation.

With the $3 price tag, it is hard to argue against trying Mr. Nibbles Forever.

Want something with vivid art, simple directions, or just love hamsters? This game is for you.

If you don’t feel like $3 is worth a few hours of game play or you do not have kids, I would hold off on purchasing the game.

Until Mr. Nibbles receives more outfits (or an attack), this game will leave most unfulfilled.

I am giving Mr. Nibbles Forever a score of 2/5. The graphics receive the highest honor with their color and designs. Music, game play, and replay-ability are all…meh.

Neither of them stand out as particularly great or poor. The music stays within the same several notes. The lack of agency of Mr. Nibbles affects the game play, since he cannot attack his only enemy; spiders. Replay-ability is off the table due to the lack of stimulus once you win all the challenges.

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