Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Mirrors Edge Catalyst released the closed beta a couple days ago with mixed responses, here are my impressions.

First off, the graphics are amazing. I don’t say this often, but EA and DICE have really outdone themselves. The city is absolutely stunning. The game follows on with the previous game in terms of art style and aesthetics. The vibrant colours and glorious whiteness of the game is something that I have never seen before.

However, one thing that does detract from the game is the frustratingly annoying watermark that jumps around the screen that seems to never stop. Not even when playing the game does it stop nor does it stop during cut-scenes.

I also really found the game to be quite glitchy and buggy. The game crashed multiple times on me and I even fell out of the world once or twice. However I’d assume that the majority of the bugs will be fixed when the final release of the game hits store shelves.

Overall, the controls and gameplay are very good, the parkour is very smooth, allowing you to either run past enemies or attack them quickly. Speaking of combat, I did find the set of attacks surprisingly short, but, even with that rather disappointing surprise, it did not detract from the overall experience that much.

I really do like the game so far. Of course, there are a couple of things that DICE needs to sort out in order for it to beat the cult classic Mirrors Edge.

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