I couldn’t find an image of a Minecraft version of China’s Great Wall of China, so this generic castle wall will have to do; screw off.

Mojang, the Swedish-based company behind the YouTube sensation known as Minecraft, has just announced their plans to bring their popular title to China.

“We’re proud to announce an exclusive agreement to license Minecraft for Pocket and PC to a NetEase, Inc. affiliate in mainland China. The plan is to develop a version of Minecraft tailored for the Chinese market. It probably won’t affect most of you, seeing as you’re probably not based in China.”

Honestly, I could have sworn it was already in China. It’s so popular I just assumed it reached every corner of the earth by now like Spider-Man, Snickers, and SARS.

Along with making the announcement, Mojang released a video (below) to accompany the news. EA and Bethesda need to step up their game *rimshot* when revealing news, because Mojang is streets ahead.

Hopefully, this move to the most populated country in the world will be enough for Microsoft to recover from that measly $2.5 billion investment they made when they bought Mojang two years ago.

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