Call of Duty

Call of Duty built its legacy in delivering millions of gamers multiplayer goodness.

However, ever since the addition of microtransactions, Call of Duty as a whole has been slowly falling.

I’ll be doing a linear breakdown of the recent Call of Duty titles’ involvement with microtransactions.

Before I get started, it’s good to note all games prior to Black Ops 2 on their respective debuts never had a gambling system. You paid for what you wanted, and while that included microtransactions, it was never to the extant of how egregious Call of Duty would become with Advanced Warfare and above.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

This game was okay for the most part, you had “Personalization Packs” (under DLC) with the addition of earning skins. The general discussion around Personalization Packs was that as long as it didn’t alter the gameplay it was completely fine. So initially we felt comfortable and okay with paying for DLC.

So, in-terms of Black Ops’ approach to paid personalization, it was fine. $4 for a skin is a okay price but I can see why people would rather earn it.

Now….for a game the makes me scared when I’m in the dark.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The game I had hoped would be better than giving into Counter Strikes’ gambling system failed to do just that.

Why has Call of Duty recently gotten so greedy?

“Power changes everything,” as the saying goes.

So, you make us initially earn our skins and buy some small additional skins in Black Ops 2, okay, that’s fine. Then, you proceed to make this once highly respected franchise steep to Counter Strike levels.

While Advanced Warfare showed how greedy the franchise could be; adding in exclusive emotes, skins, and guns, it’s the next Call of Duty tittle that really hits home.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

This video game furthered the controversy for gamers.

While Black Ops 2 took away stat-boost differentiation between guns. Later on they released new guns inside creates, yes that’s right guns that had different stats. They basically kept this gambling model so you can pay for the chance to get a gun no one with a low income could afford.

Instead of unlocking a diamond gold encrusted skin that you earned, you instead have to grind potentially thousands of hours for it. For something so frivolous as skins, for just a chance at a skin you could have earned originally, it just seems stupid and greedy.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

When searching up the newest game in the pipeline for Call of Duty‘s perpetual game development I found something interesting.

While I’m sorry to report they have kept their Black Ops 2 model of offering meaningful and interesting content; Infinity Ward not only copied the model they improved on, but, wait, what? That’s right now when you get an epic gun it gives “the most sought after perks“- (00:33-00:35) I’m going to loose it here!

You allow Advanced Warfare to become pay to win, you take-away those stat differences in Black Ops 3, but then allow weapons to be locked behind a slot machine?

Now let’s calm down, Infinite Warfare has done two big things here:

One, they allowed the earning of drops in a seemingly faster fashion. If you can get loads of kills and grind out, you should be pretty set for a slow free way of gambling on the hopes of what you want, and of-course the weapons you want.

Secondly, if you do Call of Duty‘s team tasks, you can grind experience to then get around 175 gears towards what you want.

Now, while both positives have there negatives, Call of Duty still prompts the inclusion of microtransactions in an almost disgusting way, that’s how I would put the inclusion of microtransactions in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, almost disgusting.


Overall Call of Duty has lost its way in delivering deep content and customization to the players in a free-fast manner. “Your one-stop shop for badass multiplayer in-game loot” my ass!

Please comment down below if you think Call of Duty will ever give us back the amount of customization and personalization that we originally had. I can’t wait for Call of Duty WWII.

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