Dead Rising

A couple of months ago, Microsoft arrived to E3 with a treat for all their zombie slaying players, Dead Rising 4.  Much  like the 3rd installment, this next installment will be a console semi-exclusive for both the Xbox One and PC.

Other details for this new installment include the sweet, sweet return of Frank West along with the return of the fan-favorite weapon crafting mode.

The game will take place 16 years after the events of the first Dead Rising title, and players will be introduced to two new zombie enemies: The Evo, predatory-like animals with immense strength and mobility, and The Fresh, newly infected people with very fast speeds.

Cut to today, and we get details on which weapons will be made available when pre-ordering from the various retailers.

Now before you get your undergarments in a bunch, remember that this retailer-exclusive scheme was done for previous Dead Rising titles and every item from each pre-order was eventually made available for everyone via DLC.

So even though it will suck having to choose which item you want to get your hands on first, hold on tight and eventually you’ll get them all.

The pre-order retailer exclusives are as follows:

Amazon Best Buy Gamestop Microsoft Store

To add to all this added zombie killing mayhem, Microsoft also created a cool looking info graphic for the newest addition to the Dead Rising arsenal, the EXO suit, which will be needed in order to wield some of the weapons in the game, like the Microsoft Store exclusive X-Fists (shown above).

The suit will be made available all around the Dead Rising 4 map, but will only be powered for 2 minutes, so make sure to use it correctly; by that I mean make sure to crush as many cars and zombies as possible (not necessarily in that order).

Dead Rising

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