Fallout 4

The world is nearly two weeks away from possibly 2015’s game of the year title, Fallout 4. Thankfully, fans who have touched the game are willing to share information in the form of screenshots, details and their impressions. Here is some of what they have to say regarding the upcoming, highly anticipated title from Bethesda Studios.

Fallout 4′s Look and Feel:

The user described the game as not looking revolutionary but still looking better than what we’ve seen so far in E3 and via the official screenshots. The game as a whole looks much better than the sum of its parts and the lighting is one of the best he has ever seen. There have been a few framerate dips here and there, but there’s also a lot more on the screen than compared to Fallout 3

Map Size:

The player said that it was hard to tell as the map appeared to be quite small in size inside the pip-boy but was actually massive and much closer to the size for Skyrim.

Animations and NPCs:

The animations looked perfect. And there’s great variety in how the people look. Even generic NPCs like raiders will look completely different from one another.

Dialogue System, Karma and Diplomacy:

The player said that he did not really enjoy the dialogue system in the game. And that in 23 hours he faced very few missions in which he wasn’t able to get out of a situation by through dialogue. There is a similar friendship system to that in Dragon Age and Mass Effect games. However there is no visible karma system. The in-game statistics also did not have any indicators for your reputation. So the reputation system will likely work in a similar way to Skyrim’s the player speculated


One of the primary features in the game. A lot of people will love it, some will not care for it. The player described that he actually normally enjoys this sort of thing in role playing games but that in Fallout 4 he felt that it was harder and more in-depth than he would’ve liked.
There are almost endless options for it, many missions and objectives that can very easily distract you from the rest of the game.

How The Settlements Work:

You will find red workshops tables spread out in settlements all over the world of Fallout 4. A few of those will be on empty settlements that you can build from scratch, while others will be occupied. If you encounter such an occupied settlement you have to first identify what type of people have settled in it. If they’re friendly NPCs you can complete missions to help them and gain their trust. Everything that was showcased in the E3 gameplay showcase can be done by the player. You can destroy and rebuild everything you see in these settlements.

To sustain the population of a given settlement you have to provide them with food, water, energy and beds. Settlements become under attack, in which case you will receive a message notifying you of the situation with the option to go defend your settlement. You can invest countless hours building and sustaining your settlements. A home away from home, where the NPCs are “your people” and you can use these settlements as a base to rest, recoup and carry on with your adventures.

Fallout 4’s Weapons:

The player claims to have seen 12-15 basic weapons which you can modify with mods, which he described as “crazy”. Every one of those 12-15 basic weapons has 25-30 unique pieces that can be used to customize it and  change its stats.

Power Armor:

The player described power armor as something that you’d treat almost like a vehicle. You wear the power armor by climbing inside it, if you climb out the power armor stays where you left it. It’s heavy, bulky and slow but extremely powerful.

Load Screens:

The player said he had run into many small buildings that don’t require any loading screens. However, bigger buildings still do. Although those loading screens are quite short. Shorter than loading screens encountered when fast traveling

Fallout 4’s Story:

Finally the narrative. The player said it starts off a bit slow but it picks up and gets quite pacey. He said that in a full day of playing Fallout 4 he only managed to complete 4 of the main quests. They’re long, gruel and tough. But the story is developing into something quite interesting.


Fallout 4
The leaked menu for Fallout 4

That is a ton of information regarding Fallout 4. It should be noted that all of this information, while sounding close to the truth, is unofficial. However, plenty of copies are currently out there for review purposes, so it is not hard to imagine there would be some truth here.

Clearly, Bethesda went all out on the Fallout’s game-play mechanics. Reports were stating that the game would push over 200+ hours of content and that looks to be quite possible. Unfortunately, graphics look a bit forgotten here but that might be okay with a game this saturated with content.

Fallout 4
The game is charming in the graphics department.

What do you guys think of the leaked details? Will you buy Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments below!



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  1. I want to KNOW what happens inside the damn vault i know todd said your the sole survivor so why have a family in the story and then let them die or are they alive Jesus the games depressing already.

  2. If you buy a Fallout game for its graphics you’re not playing with a full deck. What you should expect and should accept are graphics that are sharper, crisper, more colorful than previous versions. In the Fallout series graphics have always taken a backseat to every other aspect of the game and that is just fine with me because every other aspect has almost been superb.

    • Why not both? F1 and F2 were perfect for its time. F3 was just a re-skinned Oblivion – DEAL WITH IT. And here I thought Xbox1/PS4 fanboys were the worst… Bethesda fanboys take the cake!

    • your right the game play pic at the bottom showed what the graphics look like well only what you could see in the pick but to me it looked perfectly good who ever moans about how lacking and bad it is.

      And is stupid and docent know what a game is about its the game play not the graphics thats what the game is about its just a side benefit if the graphics is good and to me the games graphics is good.

      But even though all we know is this person could be just making all this up and telling rubbish but don’t know its only his point of view on the game not ours its what we will think of the game not him we just need to wait until we get it and if there is things we don’t like moders most likely will make a mode to try and fix it unless it cant be modded thats what i think.

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