Finally…some quality news comes from Mass Effect’s neck of the woods. The upcoming game has taken a beating in terms of publicity, especially with most of its developers/writers/executives taking a ‘better’ path. Thankfully, today, we come to you with some more upbeat news from the anticipated game.

Originally posted on NeoGaf by user Taker34, the gif shows a short clip of the game in play.


It’s important to note that this clearly doesn’t show a whole lot. The footage is also pre-alpha footage taken from early 2015 game-play. A lot of what we are looking at looks like it is running on something similar to Mass Effect 3. In this regard, the visuals look slightly…disappointing. However, again, this is pre-alpha footage and the game is still a bit iffy on a release date (as were all the previous installments).

What do you think of the footage?

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