E3 2017: Marvel Vs Capcom Infinte Demo Close


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite had a very impressive trailer released at Sony’s E3 conference. The trailer showed quite a bit about the cast involving much of the teased cast confirming many fans suspicions.

The point of the trailer is to introduce Thanos as a new cast member and to introduce the team-up of Marvel and Capcom’s characters in the fight against Sigma Ultron.

Marvel Universe

It appears that the main point of the story is going to be the heroes of Marvel and Capcom teaming up to try and acquire the Infinity Stones and allowing Thanos to use them with a possible hint at the Infinity Gauntlet. The story of the game seems to correlate with the upcoming movie Infinity War.


A demo was announced at E3 to be hitting the Playstation Store tomorrow morning at about 4 am UK time. The demo will more than likely feature some form of the story and feature the ability to fight using a few of the characters.

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