While the temperature here in L.A. is a steady “Why is it so hot in October?” it may be cooling down a little in Hell.

Deadline reports that Marvel and Fox have made a two-project agreement for Fox Networks to bring “Hellfire” to Fox and “Legion” to FX, both produced by Bryan Singer and the rest of the players behind the X-Men movies and their mixed bag of quality.

Though neither has the X-Men name or brand attached, they are going to be set in the X-Men universe. Fox has wanted to move into TV with X-Men for some time, but they only had cinematic rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four, they needed Marvel approval to move on.

With Marvel building the MCU up, it’s a wonder they allowed Fox to move on with this one, though early grumbling point to possible negotiations similar to the Spider-Man deal with Sony after the bomb that was the new “Fantastic Four.”

According to the synopsis, “Legion” will focus on David Haller, a man with dissociative identity disorder that has to deal with the fact that the other voices in his head may be real. Not mentioned is the fact that Legion’s other personalities control different sets of mutant powers.

“Hellfire” will be set in to 1960s and focus on a Special Agent who finds out a power-hungry woman with extraordinary abilities is working with The Hellfire Club to try to take over the world, probably (read: hopefully) while dressed as antebellum south landowners.

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