Jerry Buting, Steven Avery’s lawyer over the course of most of Making A Murderer, has spoken out about evidence that was seemingly left out of, or only briefly covered in, the Netflix documentary. Speaking with Rolling Stone in an extensive interview, Buting said disputed the claim that most of the states case against Steven Avery was left out of Making A Murderer.

In the interview, Mr. Buting said:

“Mr. Kratz [who prosecuted the state’s case against Steven Avery] has complained that big portions of the state’s case were left out of the documentary. First of all, that’s not true; the majority of their arguments were presented. But there are also defense arguments and defense evidence that wasn’t covered. Not to any fault of the filmmakers, but we’re talking about a six-week trial. They had five or six hundred hours of tape that they had to condense into 10, so certain decisions have to be made.”

One of the big points that was seemingly glossed over in Making A Murderer was the fact that part of Theresa Halbach’s pelvic bone were discovered in a second burn location in a burn gravel pit – the first burn site being Steven Avery’s back garden. Mr. Buting also noted in the Rolling Stone interview that there was also a third burn location that was seemingly excluded from the documentary; the quarry at which the third burn pit was reportedly located was noted in the documentary, but there was little to no mention of a burn pit being there. Speaking about the discovery of three separate burn pits, Mr. Buting said:

“They’re really an important issue because where the body was burned should have determined guilt or innocence alone, ignoring everything else, because if the jury believed or understood that this body was burned elsewhere then the fact that there were the majority of her bones were found in his burn pit should have proven that he was not the killer. Because nobody would burn a body somewhere else, gather up their bones and then go and dump them in their own backyard. That’s ludicrous, right?”

Rolling Stone also has a separate video interview with Mr. Buting, in which the lawyer says that most of the states evidence against Steven Avery was presented in Making A Murderer.

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