Over the winter break, Netflix’s Making a Murderer documentary has become the next big watercooler debate, spawning petitions for the subject of the doc, Steven Avery, and according to some, rampant ignorance of facts in favor of a well put together story. Now Investigation Discovery is teaming with NBC News’ Peacock Productions to produce a counterpoint to Making a Murderer called Front Page: The Steven Avery Story.



Due out later this month, Front Page aims to reinforce the idea that Steven Avery is rightfully incarcerated for the murder of Teresa Halbach in 2003, contrary to popular opinion, post Making a Murderer. Avery was originally wrongfully incarcerated 18 years for rape because of a police department and judge that according to Making a Murderer wanted him to be their culprit.

The Manitowoc Wisconsin police department has since been painted as a corrupt police force that may have potentially planted evidence against Avery in both cases. His exoneration from the first crime led to the creation of the Avery Bill in Wisconsin, meant to combat wrongful arrest. The bill was renamed the criminal justice reforms bill after his arrest for the murder of Halbach. At the time of his second arrest, he was filing a $36 million civil suit against Manitowoc county, and its former sheriff and district attorney.

CNN provides a neat little rundown of the events of Avery’s case here.



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