With Apple’s Siri being the most popular smartphone integrated personal assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana gaining more and more popularity, and Google’s Caillou hating Google Now, you’d think that we’d be done being introduced to new personal assistants.

However, that does not seem to be the case because Facebook, of all sites, is looking to wow Facebook users everywhere with their very own personal assistant which they have named M.

Today we’re beginning to test a new service called M. M is a personal digital assistant inside of Messenger that completes tasks and finds information on your behalf. It’s powered by artificial intelligence that’s trained and supervised by people.

Unlike other AI-based services in the market, M can actually complete tasks on your behalf. It can purchase items, get gifts delivered to your loved ones, book restaurants, travel arrangements, appointments and way more.

This is early in the journey to build M into an at-scale service. But it’s an exciting step towards enabling people on Messenger to get things done across a variety of things, so they can get more time to focus on what’s important in their lives.

The above quote is from a Facebook post by David Marcus, VP of Facebook Messenger and the man behind the Facebook Messenger Payment option.

M, as previously mentioned, is in its very early stages of development and will probably not be available to the public for a long time. M’s release date would be much sooner, but developing something like this is not cheap, and with Facebook’s fairly recent acquisition of Oculus, Facebook’s financial department has to keep a firm hold on its company spending.

P.S. If you are wondering why I described Google Now as a Caillou hater, ask Google Now (with your voice) if Caillou has cancer.

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