So, I spend a lot of time on YouTube. Pretty much all of my time, really. Even while I have Netflix streaming something I’ve seen millions of times before I search around YouTube for some content to waste my life with.

Well, I came across a gaming YouTuber, which is really rare because YouTube doesn’t have that many gaming channels. It makes up such a small part of the platform that…I don’t know where I’ going with this joke.

I’m being ironic, of course. YouTube is the mecca of gaming channels. But, even in the clusterf*** that is the YouTube Gaming Community, this one channel really caught my attention. 1.) Because I was hearing a female voice, which isn’t really a voice I hear too often when I’m autoplaying YouTube videos in the background of whatever other activity I’m doing on my computer, and 2.) She’s an 11-year-old girl, which I did not notice until I clicked over to subscribe to the channel.

Children on YouTube is the probably something all YouTube viewers actively avoid; LtCorbis (that’s the channel’s name; I think I forgot to mention that within the article) even admits that she does it. However, she is very mature (with a splash of childish humor) in the way she goes about her video commentaries. She doesn’t go on to talk like a high-minded adult or anything like that, but she does have a very…relatable way of speaking.


LtCorbis’ channel, much like her age, is very young. At the moment she only has 27 video out, racking in a total of around 57,000 views with an average of about 2,100 views a vid. She was, however, featured as the subject of a video of another much more prominent YouTuber who goes by Pryocynical, which hopefully means LtCorbis will start to see a higher spike in views/subs/shares. Although…there is the scary chance that she will begin to be plagued with hate comments, death threats, you know; the typical YouTube package. It has happened before with other YouTubers that Pyrocynical showcased, but even if such a thing did happen I’m sure LtCorbis would be able to handle it; she looks like a tough kid.

LtCorbis’ two most popular  are The Leafy Clone and Being “Original” on YouTube, which are most likely due to the fact that they were brought to the attention of both LeafyIsHere and the aforementioned Pyrocynical. I’ll leave the link to both of those videos at the bottom along with my favorite video of her where she goes off on Buzzfeed. The issue she speaks about in the video can be seen as controversial, but it’s still very refreshing seeing a child who doesn’t act like a typical…well, child.

Be warned, she is very crude and curses very often. Understandably, that is a no-no for many adults, but I don’t think it’s that bad. Let the child curse; as long as there’s a quality mind behind those words.

PewDiePie, you better watch your back. LtCorbis might give you a run for your money. Ah who am I kidding, you’ve got too much money to have worries.

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