Little Red Lie

Little Red Lie is the latest game to be released by the creator of Actual Sunlight, Will O’Neil. Much like its predecessor, Actual Sunlight, Little Red Lie is an interactive short story game that is inspired by the “growing gap in wealth and stability between the baby boomers and their descendants.”

After checking out the official website for the game, we don’t really learn much about the gameplay itself. All we learn is that the game follows the lives of two people on almost opposite ends of the financial spectrum, and how they must both endlessly lie in order to function in their society. One character is a wealthy world-leading financial advisor; the other is unemployed and mentally ill. The game focuses on the importance of lying to navigate through the character’s day-to-day lives, and how their thoughts and feelings are unimportant in the face of money and power.

The official trailer for the game doesn’t really give much away either, although the unsettling robot voice suggests that it will be pretty dark. This isn’t exactly a surprise though considering its predecessor, Actual Sunlight, informs us at the beginning of the game that “there has never been a better time in the history of mankind to be completely, cripplingly, devastatingly alone.”

Reviews of Actual Sunlight are mostly positive, despite its dark nature. Although it’s a rather short story, it is said to depict depression in the most haunting yet honest way, and the narrative style is completely engrossing.

A demo for Little Red Lie was due to be released back in August, but O’Neill decided to hold back and wait until he’s happy with it first. At least that gives us more time to mentally prepare ourselves for what will turn out to be a pretty intense game.

Even though neither the website nor the trailer for Little Red Lie gives us much information to go on, it’s safe to say that if it is anything like Actual Sunlight it will be a successful, albeit painfully realistic, piece of work.

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