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Captain AmericaBefore you begin sharpening your pitchforks and looking for your favorite oils to drench your torches with, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are cute as all hell. The smile Cap gives Bucky when he isn’t looking is filled with so much love that it transcends the screen and fills the loveless holes found within the Thor series of films.

For a couple of days now, the hash tag   has taken over Twitter feeds everywhere, and, in typical internet fashion, people began taking sides and waging war.

Disclaimer: I am all for adding more LGBT characters into the MCU (the title was just a means to grab your attention). On that note, adding in more racial diversity would also be amazing. The world isn’t just made up of heterosexual white males, so why do these film mostly consist of them? Regardless, Marvel is killing it with all these films, I (and many others) just think throwing in some more diversity would add an extra layer of good to the quickly growing MCU.

I digress.

XmenTo the common movie viewing folk, superhero movies are superhero movies. According to most of them, these movies are all being pumped out by the same company, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I don’t want to ramble on about IP ownership and all that jazz, so very quickly:

  • The superheroes featured in all The Avengers films and the solo films branching from it are owned by Marvel Entertainment/Disney
  • The X-Men films and Fantastic Four films are owned by Fox
  • Spider-Man movies are owned by Sony (with a shared right agreement with Marvel Entertainment/Disney)

Having gender, sexual, and racial diversity in all of these movie universes would be the ideal state for everyone (granted they are done well), but we, as a movie viewing community, probably won’t see that until much later in the future.

However, out of all of those franchises, one of them desperately needs to bring in some sexual diversity, Fox’s X-Men franchise.

XmenBack when the X-Men line of comics were created, they were done so as a reflection of the Civil Rights issues of the time. Magneto represented Malcolm X’s methods, fight fire with fire, while Professor Xavier represented Martin Luther King’s, peaceful cooperation and reasoning.

Forward to today and they’ve still remained as reflections of our society’s biggest issues. However, they’ve moved on to becoming metaphors for how the general public treat the LGBT community rather than the treatment of non-white people (although, you could easily say they represent both issues).

For this reason, I believe, Fox needs to make this metaphor the overarching theme of their films.

The comics already have a pretty good list of LGBT characters (some of which have already made it into the movies).

  • Rictor
  • Mystique
  • Karma
  • Northstar
  • Deadpool
  • Colossus
  • Anole
  • Shatterstar
  • Graymalkin
  • Bling
  • Vivisector
  • Phat
  • Morph

DeadpoolAlthough a lot of us would love to see Ryan Reynolds embrace Deadpool’s pansexual side, I highly doubt it will happen due to the current story arc involving his wife.

Other characters, like Mystique, will be a bit difficult to reflect her bisexual counterpart from the comics due to 1.) they need to introduce Destiny, 2.) her relationship with Destiny being a bit convoluted since Mystique was hinted to have taken the form of a man during the relationship, and 3.) her weird sexual tension with Magneto.

Other current film characters, like Colossus, would take almost no effort being that he is currently just the big strong guy; no sexual preference has been given to this character yet.

As for the rest of the LGBT characters listed, I see no real reason why Fox and Bryan Singer wouldn’t introduce them.

Coincidentally, some of those listed characters have ties to the X-Force, the X-Men spinoff team that Bryan Singer has hinted at introducing in the future.

Not only will the addition of the LGBT roster to the films do the source material some justice, it will also help the films find its own voice. Not every company can have their own MCU; ME and Disney have been developing that for almost 10 years with the aid of some of today’s best writers, directors, and actors/actresses.

If Fox were to quit trying to copy Marvel’s Avengers level of destruction and cast size, and instead opted for more character pieces (I would hope) they’d distinguish themselves from the rest of the superhero flicks and get themselves out of the self-made lackluster rut.

In the end, I have no power to change things. I just wanted to get my two cents out there *insert shrugging emoji*

Another Disclaimer: I, and many others, thoroughly enjoyed X-Men: First Class and Days of Future Past (to an extent). X2 was also really good, but it wasn’t really able to hold itself up after that amazing Nightcrawler opening scene.

P.S. Plus one point for the out of date rainbow flag filter on the featured image *sad self five*

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