So there’s this image of a Spider-Man-themed hoodie posted by SuperBro Movie News! that could possibly, maybe, potentially be the closest unofficial look at the new Spider-Man costume Tom Holland will be wearing in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War movie set to release in May 6 of this year.

The image is pretty grainy, but it’ not that hard to imagine what the real thing will look like:

It’s really hard to tell just how legitimate this image is , but it’s the closest thing we got.

Try to imagine a spandex version of this sweater and it looks very similar to the costume from Ultimate Spider-Man (aside from the blue  hands). Which would make sense when you consider how young Sony and Marvel have made Spider-Man this time around.

Although the sweater will most likely be used as movie merch, I do like the idea of Spider-Man wearing a hoodie costume this time around rather than the traditional spandex costume. Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man costume is easily my favorite suit design, and I love to see something similar to that on the big screen.


Captain America: Civil War is set to come out in May 6, 2016, and will be the 3rd time we see a brand new Spider-Man. The look of his costume is always the talk of the town, but at the end of the day it all comes down to how Holland approaches the role.


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