Both Konami and Nintendo appear to believe that mobile gaming is the way of the future as both companies have recently announced their first mobile games to be released soon.

Bomberman goes mobile! How exciting. If I am completely honest, I do not actually believe this is such a terrible idea. A game as retro as Bomberman available on mobile could work given that smartphones can now handle graphics and bigger game files. Bomberman is a game that I can see working on a mobile device as the strategic game would be suited to touchscreen smartphones and such. As long as Konami doesn’t decide to make the game Bomberman Tennis! Or something ridiculous like that…leave that to Nintendo.

Having said this, I then saw that Konami is considering making mobile games their focus for the future…Oh dear…

I believe this to be a pretty awful idea as mobile games are just there as distractions; to entertain an individual whilst waiting for a train or perhaps sitting on the toilet. They are in no way a real gaming experience and to see a company such as Konami sink down to the level of mobile games, is actually quite sad.

I do not think anyone can truly trust Konami again after they cancelled Silent Hills and have an uncertain future with Metal Gear. Maybe mobile gaming is their last desperate plea for attention, and some quick money, before they fade into the background as they are just not what they once were.

So, which company will dominate mobile gaming? Nintendo or Konami? Personally, I don’t really care. Maybe Konami will release Silent Hills on mobile, now that would be a plot twist (and a very bad joke).

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