Call of Duty

Kevin SpaceyWith each new game, the Call of Duty franchise continues to cast Hollywood actors and actresses to fill the roles of key characters in the various games following in the footsteps of other acting giants like Kevin Spacey and Gary Oldman

With Call of Duty being one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world it’s no surprise that they cast big expensive celebrity names in their games.

The newest big time actor to take part in this year’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is Game of Thrones’ fan favourite Kit Harington (Jon Snow), the ***GOT SPOILER WARNING*** newly resurrected ex-lord commander of the Night’s Watch.

In a post on Facebook, the actor shows himself kitted up in motion capture equipment performing for both facial expressions and movement. Which most likely means that the character he’s playing will resemble his likeness.

Kit HaringtonWhich I’m sure many Game of Thrones fan will thoroughly enjoy.

Infinite Warfare continues the recent trend of FPS by setting this game in the far future, where a disgruntled human colony from space returns to Earth to invade.

Kit Harington’s character is said to be the leader of a group of evil colonists known as the Settlement Defence Front (sounds like the story has been ripped straight from Titanfall).

The Infinity Ward narrative director Taylor Kurosaki praised Kit’s performance saying:

“Kit is an amazing talent, and the consummate pro,” he went on to say that, “Our story is about an epic showdown of opposing forces, and Kit immersed himself into the role and truly became the embodiment of the enemy, the Settlement Defense Front. We can’t wait for fans to see Kit play an entirely different kind of character.”

Jon Snow isn’t the only major name attached to Infinite Warfare as director, Guy Ritchie  (Snatch), has been employed to enhance the game’s narrative and cinematic feel.

With this talent aiding in the already controversial game, it’s hard to predict if this game will fail both critically and financially.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is set to release on November 4th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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