Per CBM, Empire Magazine is featuring an interview with Matthew Vaughn that spills various details on the eagerly awaited sequel to last year’s surprise winter hit Kingsman: The Secret Service. The sequel is to be titled Kingsman: The Golden Circle, probably named after the movie’s central MacGuffin.

The story brings back hot property Taron Edgerton and Mark Strong as Eggsy and Merlin, going stateside after the Kingsman HQ is destroyed by the film’s main villain expected to be played by Julianne Moore, Poppy. Also expected to join the cast is Halle Berry as the head of the CIA.

Once in the good ol’ U.S. of A. the guys will team up with their American counterpart, the Statesman, whose HQ seems to be a whiskey distillery, in order to take down Poppy, whose lair looks like Dollywood set up in ancient Mayan ruins.

In the interview, Vaughn expresses wanting to fit in Colin Firth’s character, who was a large reason for the first movie’s success, in some way. And as for the all too memorable and meme-able church scene from the original, Vaughn doesn’t plan on any similar massacres, but instead creating new memorable scenes in different ways including robot dogs, one-armed henchmen, barroom brawls, and attacking the leads with “a massive fucking frankfurter.”

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is expected to hit theaters June 16, 2017.

Check out the concept art below and tell us if you think the sequel can live up to the original in the comments.

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