Have you seen Judge Dredd? The famous 90s action movie staring Sly Stallone? Okay, yeah, don’t recommend doing that. It’s quite awful. Have you seen the 2012 remake staring Star Trek’s Karl Urban? Yeah, that film is pretty kick ass! Well, we probably won’t ever get a sequel to it.

Unfortunately, despite the film being pretty awesome, well received, it wasn’t a glaring success (or a success really at all) at the box office. Yes, in this day and age, quality is measured by the $ and not by the actual technical prowess it possesses. Shocker.

This has lead to a rather large petition to get the film a sequel. A petition was launched last year, and built up to around 150,000 signings. Unfortunately, not much came from it. However, someone was able to get Karl Urban, the film’s star, and protagonist, Judge Dredd, to comment on it. Here is what he had to say:


Urban’s tweet, featuring Netflix and Amazon will more than likely go unheard. That being said, passion projects sometimes find a way of getting made (See Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool).

So, until then, we hold out hope.

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