Justice League


Last month rumors started spreading like wildfire that Cartoon Network was developing a new Justice League animated series. These rumors where then confirmed via the Facebook profile of Cartoon Network’s Canadian division when they responded to a fan-asked question:

 Cartoon Network

Finally! Rather than have rumors circulating all up the hoohah a company went right ahead and confirmed them. Everything was making since, right? With DC practically dominating TV with both Arrow and The Flash and the very anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice getting closer and closer with each passing day, it would make perfect sense that they would go ahead and bring the animated superhero crew, The Justice League, back to the small screen, right?


Cartoon Network Canada

Obviously, this news is pretty old (September 23) and things can change. Perhaps they just needed some time to iron things out before they could make an official announcement.

According to a recent email between Cartoon Network and Polygon, nothing has changed…

Although there was some mix ups between the authenticity of the above shown Facebook profile, this email seems to put the nail on the coffin (sort of).

Regardless of their confirmation for a new Justice League animated TV show, I would not doubt that there is another on the way. DC, like every other company, is looking to hype up their incoming movies and a new Justice League show is just what they need in order to add extra hype to already hyped future live-action Justice League movie.

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