Jeepers Creepers 3

Victor ‘child molester’ Salva, the man pictured above who looks like the kind of guy who would molest a child, molested a child.

The reason I’m being redundant is because I want everyone to know, that he, Victor Ronald Salva, 6 feet tall, 350 lbs, molested the child star of his 1987 film, Clownhouse.

victor salva pedophile Want more fuel for the rage fire?

Salva also recorded and owned various mediums of child pornography; which…is just saddening knowing that pedophiles have various mediums to indulge from.

Also, Disney hired him at one point to direct a film. Granted it was under their subsidiary production company, Caravan Pictures, but still; he’s a pedophile, just burn him at the stake.

On to Jeepers Creepers 3

After having written and directed both Jeepers Creeper and Jeepers Creeper 2: More Jeepers, More Creepers; you know, the movie with that eyeless-man scene:

Silva took another swing at the franchise with Jeepers Creepers III. 

That, in of itself, is enough to anger those knowledgeable to the situation as it means a convicted child molester had another opportunity to make money rather than rot in a cell, and be subjected to a taste of his own medicine.

What was in the movie?

A character in the film, Addison, is told have a tattered relationship with her step-father. Why? Well, you can guess; she was molested by her step-father as a child, and later moved away from him in order to escape his pedo ways.

Still not the worst part, another character in the film has a romantic interest in Addison, and when this revelation is aired out, the following lines are said:

“Can you blame him though? I mean look at her […] The heart wants what it wants, am I right?”

F*ck Almighty.

Victor Salva, a convicted child molester, wrote the line, “the heart wants what it wants,” in a film in which the molestation of a child is the topic of.

Let’s say he wasn’t a convicted child molester, for a moment. He was just a normal, weird-looking director/writer; that line is still horrible.

Slyly justifying a pedophile’s actions, even in that ‘comedic’ way, is just plain disgusting.

But he is, so that makes the whole situation a lot worse.

Though the line was cut from the theatrical cut (only seen by critics when they were given review copies), the fact that it is something Victor Salva wrote, and shot, is enough to make a stomach turn.

In this case, it truly is the thought that counts.

P.S. The first film was only watchable up until the point Jeepers Creepers is revealed to the audience. Prior to that, it was terrifying to let the mind insert what scares it most, but after…it became just another basic, run-of-the-mill thriller. 

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