JayBird has been a consistent, premium sports headphone company for years. The first iteration of the X series, the X1, was one of my first sports headphones. Not only was the sound quality solid, the durability was consistent under workout duress. When the X2’s were announced, and subsequently hit the market, I hoped for more of the same, but with upped technology and specs that would make the premium cost worth it. For all intensive purposes, the JayBird X2’s continue their sports headphone dominance.


The X2 follows suit with the X1’s. The over the ear, or under the ear placement of the headphones, followed by the ear fins that anchor the headphones in place. The X2’s wrap around the ear, with the JayBird’s signature X Fit that allows for either fit to be both comfortable and secure.

The X2's fit is natural and not intrusive to workouts.
The X2’s fit is natural and not intrusive to workouts.

In terms of sports headphone fits, the X2’s are nearly perfect. Going without the ear fin anchors, you can still have a comfortable fit that allows for intense workouts, without a headphone pull-out. The fins will add some security but it isn’t needed. Thankfully, the ear buds (and their multi-size variety) allow for a tight fit that can block out noise for accurate sound.

The color, matched with the rugged feel, make these headphones feel top notch and built for cross-fit like workouts. Durability is strong with these headphones, despite their light presence. For the sports headphone category, you would be stressed to find something as good or better than what JayBird presents here.

Unfortunately, not labeling the headphones with the usual ‘left’ and ‘right’ designation is an odd decision. One that is definitely needed here, especially for those seeking the ‘perfect’ fit.

Built With Technology

At the price point, headphones better come with technology. Thankfully, there is plenty here. The 8 hour battery life is impressive, and absolutely true to its word. Not only that, the JayBird’s have their own voice recognition software, like Siri called Jenna. Jenna works as voice prompts and is a welcomed addition.

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Also added is SignalPlus. SignalPlus is basically a true connection with your phone, without the loss of audio that bluetooth often suffers from. Thankfully, even at a large distance with wall interference, the JayBird’s hold up to the scrutiny and retain both quality sound and volume.

Beyond that, it would have been nice to see a quick charge here for these headphones. Despite not being here, the technology in place, while not extravagant, works well to the fitness segment.

Sound Performance

The JayBird X1’s sounded pretty decent. No, with sport headphones, you should never expect true audio performance. Simply put, they weren’t built for that. If you want to experience an audiophile experience, you will need to spend more money and find something bulkier. That being said, the experience here with the X2‘s is perfectly fine for a fitness environment and day to day living.

The X2‘s excel with a deep, clean bass that operates well in typical workout songs. Just as well with headphones that excel with bass, lows usually suffer, but that isn’t the case here. Thanks to careful engineering, lows do not distort and instead stand on their own merit. JayBird’s Swift Premium Audio experience is at work here, and never stumbles over itself.


The pleasant thump of the bass is much needed, especially in its environment and most headphones will flush out vocals to get that across. The mature balance of lows-mids-highs and bass makes the experience feel like it might be made for audiophiles. Honestly, the experience is close enough to warrant a visitation from audiophiles seeking a natural, organic sound composure.


The Sports Headphone market is large. Not only that, but the price range is even bigger. Justifying the price point of $179 USD is rough, especially to casual customers seeking a durable pair of workout headphones. As always, justifying the cost is completely subjective and hard to pinpoint. For this range, you’re getting quality headphones in terms of sound, design and durability.

Will these last a workout? Absolutely.


The $179 USD mixed with the oddly mislabeled L/R headphones doesn’t destroy the fact that JayBird has made another great pair of headphones. Yes, these are relatively expensive but for the price, the sound is great, especially for their intended market. The durability? Without a question can stand a vigorous workout (weights, running, etc). Furthermore, efficient technology increases the value and performance.  If you’re seeking an ideal, athlete based pair of wireless headphones, don’t look much farther than the JayBird X2’s.

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