Jabra’s Sport lineup promises to bring both quality sounding headphones while matching the need for sporty, durable wireless connection. Today’s review model, the Jabra Sport Pace, is the lower end of the three Sport models Jabra produces. The Jabra lineup starts off at a slight $59.99 before rocketing to $199.99 for the top end, Jabra Sport Pulse. The Sport Pace, despite being the lower end of the three, still brings quality to the lineup.


Headphones are almost like cars now. Sure, the appeal of buying the car is the actual driving portion, but the selling portion is the add-on’s. Cars have bluetooth, LTE capabilities, XM radio, etc. Advanced headphones are coming with military grade durability, quick charge capabilities, longer bluetooth range and apps that work harmoniously with your phone and headphones.

The Sport Pace has most of these features, the best being the quick charge feature, that allows for a few minute wall charge to power your headphones through a full workout. This reliability is going to become a huge determining factor for buyers in the future.

Jabra gives you the ability to download apps (first or third party) that work alongside the headphones. Unfortunately, the app connection here isn’t great. Some of the higher end Jabra feature built in metric systems to further analyze your workout. The Sport Pace are relatively bare bones in this aspect, working off your phone’s systems more than its own. The app, for the most part, didn’t work as well as it should. With some frequent shutdowns and some inaccuracies.

Note: does NOT come with blonde.
Note: does NOT come with blonde.

Design and Fit

The Jabra Sport Pace feature the familiar wrap around the neck and wrap around the ear  hook design. This design is rarely comfortable, but here, the Sport Pace fits with both ease and comfort. The fit was always stable, never sagging out of your ears and always felt well embedded with perfect ear canal molds.

The Sport Pace features a rugged design, built, again, for casual workouts. This was tested, and remain durable through most of everything. The military wear and tear design that the industry loves to use, seems to be accurate here. Sweat never drowned out the sound and the actual headphone attachment felt sturdy, almost rubberized.

Again, it is hard to determine what is casual and what is not, especially with the Sport Pulse being more of a runner’s device. Regardless, durability should be reflected across all headphone lines, sport intended or not. Sport Pace has no problem meeting that requirement.

The blue is vibrant but tasteful.
The blue is vibrant but tasteful.

Audio Performance

Features aside, most come to learn about the actual audio experience, rather than what gimmicks are sold. For the most part, the Sport Pace, at least for being casual sports headphones, sound pretty decent. The sound quality relies on a secure ear canal mold fit, channeling isolating noise. It doesn’t block out the background completely, but certainly tries its darnedest.

Bass reliance seems to be the key for the Sport Pace. This makes sense with most workout junkies using pop/rock music to fuel their workouts but sometimes, the bass is a bit too heavy. While accurate in some songs, others can have their vocals drowned out by such bass heavy beats. Sometimes the vocals can come out a bit tinny, with mid’s being the most comfortable spot for the headphones.

Call audio works pretty well here. No complaints were registered on multiple calls, with voices sounding similar to most handsets. Is it perfect? Well, no but it doesn’t have to be.

The only small complaint is being in noisy environments. Despite the clear, almost precise fit, the volume will have to be almost maxed out to be louder environments. This might be an issue to some, especially those who struggle with hearing in different frequencies.


The Jabra Sport Pace might not be feature heavy and they also might be a bit too bass heavy. Regardless, the Sport Pace is a sign of Jabra’s handy work with durability, consistency and remarkable quality at an affordable price.

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