Super Mario Maker

Is Super Mario Maker an amazing and imaginative creation game, or just a way for those advanced players to give you the finger? Even though I absolutely love the Super Mario series, I’ve never been that good at them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total pro at the Mario Party games! But when it comes to the main side-scrolling platform series? I’m far from a pro.

When Super Mario Maker came out for the WiiU, I bought it as a Christmas present for my partner. Since then, we’ve spent countless many hours making levels for each other to complete, and trying out some of the online levels. And this is the moment where you really see the difference between fans and FANS.

I mean, I would consider myself a fan of the Mario games. I still play the original Super Mario World on my SNES. But those other people out there? The ones that complete insanely hard levels in less than a minute, while I’m still struggling with my first Hammer Bro? They are the FANS.

If you haven’t played the game, I would seriously recommend it. Even if it’s just to test out some other people’s levels online, it’s worth it. But honestly, some of those levels are ten times harder than the official game levels. Some are simply fun; perhaps the creator has written a nice message in coins, or they’ve given you stars along the way. But some others are near impossible. Yet there’s always someone who manages to complete it.

One such level took almost 46 hours to complete. That’s right, 46 hours! And this level is ridiculous. Like, seriously ridiculous. I got confused just simply watching the completion video!

Full of Buzzy Beetle shells and Spike blocks, this level makes all of your Super Mario skills feel totally inadequate. It just begs the question: what sort of a monster would you have to be to create something like this?!


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