Gamescom blinkers on the horizon. Another crowded open space where the proverbial young blood bound around looking for a patch on which to present their wares with pride. Yet as the stars shimmer above a clear Cologne sky, a twist in the constellations with revert these up-and-comers to another place and time.

Much like Matthew Perry in 17 Again, on a Friday night in August, neophyte developers will trudge their way back into the playground. Where the fraternities reign supreme, and onlookers scrutinise with devilish intent. Some will come with bravado, others with their own brazen countenance; but some will arrive only with their heart on sleeves and their life’s work in hand.

Amid the Mozart’s of gaming, the partisan cosplayers and kestrel-like computer whizzes will be a sanctuary for the uninitiated. A safe-haven. A patch. Events for Games (EfG), a company that specialises in putting people on pedestals is launching its latest promotional push for developers that need audiences… developing.

Indie Garden is a watering hole. Neutral ground in an urban savannah where the patrons and the producers can idly discuss why this next generation aren’t a wasted youth. Of course, not all that you’ll find here are apprentices of industry; there are those that do it for the love. Those that do it for the freedom. Viva la indies.

Thibau Trampont, the project manager at Events for Games, has dedicated his craft to bringing publicity and potential success to indie titles. The Frenchman believes in the revolution. He told Geekly NG:

“For Gamescom, Indie Garden will be in the business area to showcase games that are still in development. But it also appears in public convention mostly in France for now. For example we are planning to have a big booth in the public area of Paris Games Week this year.

“The project started three years ago when we (Events For Games, a PR and events company based in Lyon France) began to organize booths for indies within French game related festivals. The name was not yet found, we first announced the brand at the “Festival International des Jeux” in Cannes earlier this year.”

Events for Games’ flagship celebration, Indie Games Play (IGF), is an annual crawl through the draperies of France’s beautiful countryside. But with Gamescom taking place just east of the Rhine, EfG are bringing the funk to them; and they’re not going alone. Reputed indie developers Goblinz Studio, Alkemi and Studio Black Flag are exporting their goods like a fine French wine. They are legion.

So if you plan on crossing road and river to sample the delights of gaming’s au courant, visit the Indie Garden, where the flowers grow.

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