The Hyperloop is a step into a technological future we have yet to discover. Fast travel. Sure, we have cars, we have planes and we have boats. We have yet to see anything like a propulsion system capable of sending a train car at speeds of upwards of 760 MPH. That is until now.


The Hyperloop CEO Rob Lloyd had this to say:

“The hyperloop is real. It’s happening now.”


The Hyperloop idea is still a concept, but is starting to be realized. The idea, crafted by genius Elon Musk is said to have humans travel around the world in times we cannot comprehend. Think going to New York to England in an hours time. Yes, this is the future we are in.

The initial test used a dummy sled that dragged roughly 1100 pounds. The test was able to show that the sled could be pushed at speeds of 0-60 in 1.1 seconds. This speed will be just less than the sound barrier, meaning humans will be able to travel at almost the speed of sound.

Technology. Aye?

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