Hugh Jackman

It’s no joke that having an R-rated film will take quite a toll on a project, even without having it released to the public. What is a joke is the pay cut Hugh Jackman got in order to ensure his last romp as Wolverine would come in the form of a hard R film.

Details about exactly how much Mr. JackedMan will be making for Logan are about as nonexistent as Fox’s chance at making a good Fantastic Four film.

In his last stand-alone Wolverine film, The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman earned around $20,000,000, which is enough to buy about 50 Lamborghinis. Noble Hugh, will probably only be able to buy about 30 this time around.

News about this pay cut came from Butt-Numb-A-Thon (very fitting name, guys) during a 40-minute screening of Logan held by Hugh Jackman and Logan director James Mangold who says that if you are looking for a, “CG f*ckathon,” this won’t be the movie for you; that this closing film will play, “[more] like a western in its tone.”

Logan is set to release on March 3rd of 2017, and will compete opening weekend against T2: Trainspotting and Before I Fall, something I’m sure Fox isn’t rustling in their jimmies for.

Sidenote: How kick*ss is the name Mangold?!

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