Why The Hell Does The Nintendo 2DS XL Exist?


The Nintendo 3DS is arguably one of the greatest handhelds ever made, selling well over 60 million units worldwide. And with its vast library of games, from first parties, to third parties, and its stellar design and build quality, make it easy to see why it’s done so well. I myself own both the 3DS and Vita, and though I personally prefer my Vita, because I like being in the .1% of society, I adore my 3DS.

A few years later Nintendo decided to release another version of the 3DS, but decided scrap the 3D aspect of it and make it more affordable, accessible, and marketable for kids, and called it the Nintendo 2DS, which released on October 12th, 2013.

The 2DS is this odd, slab of plastic, that didn’t have the iconic clam-shell design of the 3DS, and sported two non 3D screens. It looked quite odd, but with the big price cut, it was definitely more appealing for parents to buy for their kids.

So you now had 3 handhelds from Nintendo. A regular 3DS, a 3DS XL, and a kid and wallet friendly 2DS. It all makes sense right? Something for everyone.

Then Nintendo went ahead and scratched the smaller 3DS, and made a “new” 3DS XL that sported a better 3D screen with better viewing angles, a faster processor, and a god awful analog nipple/nub thingy. After comparing my “new” 3DS to a friends regular version, I actually am very glad I forked up the extra cash because the 3D screen is miles better than the original. And I am quite impressed that I can play a game like Xenoblade Chronicles on the new one. But fuck the C-Stick, that shit is awful.

And now of course, Nintendo has it’s breakout hit with its console-handheld hybrid the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch is basically like a dream come true for the 10 year old me. I remember dreaming about a console that I could play at home, and then take to school in some way and play the same games in a handheld. And Nintendo has done it. So you’d expect that now with the release of the Switch, that Nintendo would slowly fade out the 3DS and 2DS. I would understand in continuing the 2DS, as a way to keep a cheap option for parents to buy their kids. But eventually, I’m sure that both handhelds would get discontinued, and Nintendo would release, much like the 3DS, a Switch mini that’s cheaper and for kids, and possibly a Switch XL that’s more powerful.

But of course, Nintendo being Nintendo couldn’t do that. No, they had to release the one thing that nobody was asking for. They went ahead and released a New…wait for it…2DS!

Yes because a slimmer 3DS XL without the 3D screens, that’s still a little too big for the average child’s’ hands, is exactly what we needed. Let’s not focus on the console we just released that’s selling like hot cakes, and instead make ANOTHER handheld that no one asked for.

Some people may make the argument that it’s for a different audience. Parents won’t buy their Kids a Switch. Exactly, which is why you have the 2DS. Oh but a lot of kids don’t want the 2DS, they want the 3DS. So making a console that LOOKS like the 3DS, but actually isn’t is the way to fool these kids? Fucking hell, Nintendo are a bunch of dicks to kids. Just buy them a goddamn 3DS!

I don’t get it. I understand why the 3DS still exists. It’s still a complete handheld that has an amazing library of games. And the 2DS is a great cheap option. But the 2DS XL costs just a little under the 3DS XL. It’s not cheap enough like the original 2DS, and not fully featured like the 3DS XL. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Do you get why Nintendo is releasing the 2DS XL? If so please let us know in the comments below!

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