Pokemon Go has been available in the UK for 5 days now and it worked at it’s best on the Friday morning, apart from that it has had some issues.

Server issues


Connecting to the game can sometimes be more difficult than catching 1000CP Snorlax, and I think anyone can appreciate how hard that really is.

No one could predict the level of interest in this game, it quickly overtook the likes of Tinder and Twitter. People are literally looking for Pokemon more than “love” and they aren’t telling the world about every single Pokemon they catch.

So close but apparently always so far


The nearby system has been broken for a couple of days, and basically it will tell you every Pokemon in the area is 3 steps away all the time no matter how far they are.

Now I know what you are thinking “why not just look at the order of the Pokemon and just walk around until it is the closest. I tested this, but the order is also messed up. So you are literally trying to search for Pokemon blind with no indication of where to go. I know they wanted to make Pokemon GO realistic, but I’m sure you can track something as big as a Rhydon more easily if you could actually see it in real life.

Yes! I caught such a strong and rare Pokemon. No! God damn Glitch!


If you have played Pokemon GO you will know of the ball glitch, sometimes you will be catching a Pokemon, it gets in the ball and all of a sudden the game freezes and you have to restart.

If you’re lucky the Pokemon is still there and you can try again, but I have lost 1 beedrill, 1 Dratini, 1 Gastly and about a few dozen Pidgey’s and Weedle’s.

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