Easy Allies

A little over a month ago, the gaming community was hit with the very sad news that one of the first big name video game specific websites, GameTrailer, shut down. The website is, thankfully, still up at the moment, so nostalgic fans can go back and revisit. Although the last article up on the site is a review on Firewatch, it’s still good enough to look back on; GameTrailers has always had a consistent track record of great reviews.

Well guess who’s back! Brandon and the rest of the GT crew have just announced that they will be coming back. However, they won’t be able to use the GameTrailers name or domain since it belongs to Defy Media, so they have re-branded (more like re-Brandon’d) themselves as Easy Allies and have opened up a Patreon Page (with a current goal of $20,000) so that fans of GT can fund the new project and continue getting content from their favorite content creators.

Their page’s descriptions goes as follows:

After years of creating entertainment together online for a specially devoted and enthusiastic audience, the goal of Easy Allies is to keep the party going as long as possible.After closing doors elsewhere, we’re opening new ones here at Patreon. To start, we’re shooting a weekly podcast and streaming each weekday, with group streams on Tuesdays. If you want to see us do more than that, this is the place to support us.

I’m glad to see that the guys were able to bring themselves back up after they were abruptly informed of their termination and come back to creating content.

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