Game of Thrones

The episode we have all been waiting for has been finally released and the brewing epic showdown between Jon Snow and the furiously hated sh*t head, Ramsay Bolton, reaches its brilliant climax.

But before I talk about this amazing battle I first have to address other parts of the episode.

With no Arya, Hound, Bran, Brienne or Jaime storylines in this episode at all, it was nice to have a more focused storylines with Daenerys and Tyrion trying to save Meereen from the Slaver’s siege that began at the end of last week’s episode.

Game of ThronesIt was a nice change to have someone finally appreciate Tyrion’s efforts and take his advice when he cautions Dany to not turn into her father the Mad King Aerys Targaryen, but she rises to the slavers challenge in the most boss way possible; with a spectacular CGI dragon display of force.

It finally seems as though Dany may finally at least start to cross the narrow sea to help stave off the threat of the White Walkers with her enemies dealt with in Slavers Bay.

Then the calm before the storm begins with a little filler before war is waged (necessary set up for such a vital battle) with Sansa letting Jon know that Ramsay is a cunning and brutal foe and to not underestimate him.

This season seems to be fusing more and more stories together with the Dany/Tyrion arc now adding Theon and Yara to their already impressive army. The internet has already started by saying that Dany and Yara will be the next power couple to dominate Game of Thrones.

Game of ThronesNow we get on the big tamale! The battle is a feat of pure technical genius showing us the despair and chaos of war further emphasising that age-old lesson that war is not a glorious sight.

The battle begins with Ramsay playing his favourite game with Rickon Stark and the audience like myself realise that Rickon isn’t good at games… If only he used a serpentine pattern and he might have survived!

The clash itself plays out like something from Saving Private Ryan with the TV screen filled with nothing but death. It’s no wonder that this episode will be Game of Thrones’ submission for the Emmy Awards as it is a masterpiece of TV that will be sure to win at least something.

The last thing that I will talk about is the moment fans have been waiting for! The swift justice that was granted to Ramsay Bolton for his sadistic crimes against humanity. His death by his own dogs is something that long-term fans will appreciate with maybe some of the more die-hard fans feel that his demise should be more painful and drawn out.

As this is Game of Thrones this maybe a more victorious episode than we are used to perhaps foreshadowing that worse things are to come for our characters.

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