Grand theft Auto

Leslie Benzies’ issues with the Grand Theft Auto development team have been pretty apparent.

Early in 2014 Leslie Benzies claimed to have been forced out of his presidential position at Rockstar North by his colleagues and left out from receiving a very hefty amount in royalties for his work in the GTA series and GTA V.

“While on sabbatical, Mr. Benzies discovered numerous deceptions on the part of Take-Two, Rockstar, Rockstar North Ltd, Sam Houser and Dan Houser, who sought to force him out of the company and terminate his portion of royalty payments based upon arbitrary actions by the company’s royalty Allocation Committee, a committee that may or may not have actually ever met.” –  Benzies Lawyers

In April of 2016, he filed a lawsuit against the company for $150 million.

Now, with the lawsuit still underway, Leslie Benzies seems to be moving on from the whole fiasco as he has incorporated several new digital entertainment-based firms:

  • Royal Circus Games Limited (Console, PC, and Mobile Gaming)
  • Starship Group (Unknown)
  • Everywhere Games Limited (Unknown)
  • VR-Chirect Limited (Virtual Reality viewing headsets, glasses, and software)

Along with his new firms, Leslie Benzies also filed a trademark for the name Time for a New World, which is rumored to be the name for Royal Circus Games’ first game.

Who knows if the name will stick, companies tend to file trademarks and patents on multiple things as a fail safe for when they make a final decision.

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