1.  Just Flippin’ Write!

The sooner you accept the fact that writer’s block does not exist the sooner you will become the next Aaron Sorkin or Martin Mcdonagh. It is all in your head. Now you won’t be writing up amazing masterpieces every day, but as long as you keep the habit of writing/ editing everyday then you will only make that screenplay a teeny bit better. Write write write, till those little fingers feel the Bern. I mean burn.  Make sure once you get home from your boring adult duties, you drink some relaxing tea (caffeine helps stimulate the mind), sit your tush down,  and clear your head for any unwanted negative thoughts; then you may commence the beauty of writing!

2. Make Sure You’re Reading Books! (Those thick, rectangle things.)

Many screenplays are adapted from wonderful novels. Novels have hundreds of thousands stories that will just blow that little mind of yours! Make sure you’re readying every day so that you don’t forget the English language. Minus finding great stories in novels, you can also get some great factual info from non-fiction books, to help make your fictitious story more credible! How cool!

3. Only date one screenplay at a time. 

Just like woman, your life will get more messy if you try to date many of them at once. Don’t be that guy! When people ask us what we’re working on, we tend to mention the one we are most ready to show; but, we all know  we are also thinking about the many others that still need a bit of work. It’s great that you have many stories to work off of, but none of them will get finished if we work on them all. Hold them off for later, and finish one at a time. With this method you can just start pumping out scripts just like you pump iron at the gym.

4. Get help. (I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.)

Even if you think you’re the best writer in the world (which is impossible because I am.) It is always a great idea to have fresh minds give you notes and feedback on pieces that you want to show to the world. Everyone can give and opinion on your writing, even non-writers.  Something may be too foggy of an idea or too complex on paper which may need some adjusting. You will never know if you never show it to someone to take a look at your work. Don’t be scared, and ask for help you jabroni.

5. As the kids say in America: Have Fun!

Remember when you first held that pen in your hand and wrote that 30 page analysis on your favorite film then tucked in to bed for a few years? Yeah, make sure you always keep that feeling around. Without that feeling your writing will be missing the love that you have to give. If you’re not having fun anymore then you’d better find a new profession! Make sure you love what you’re doing every time you hold that pen to the paper! Enjoy!

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